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Stay Ahead, Stay Secure.


Redefine proactive cybersecurity with BEMO's Monitoring and Alerting 

  • Real-time Vigilance: Our skilled team keep your defenses up-to-date against emerging threats, by keeping a constant eye on the latest Microsoft feature updates and solutions.

  • Policy Precision: Our Managed Service Offerings undergo meticulous reviews, guaranteeing that policies directly impacting you are consistently updated for maximum security effectiveness.

  • Save Time: We take care of your security measures, while you focus on your business without interruptions.

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BEMO Monitoring & Alerting for Every Cybersecurity Package 

BEMO offers multiple cybersecurity options based on the needs of your business.

Get a side-by-side look below of our monitored security alerts in each of our cybersecurity solutions. Choose the one that aligns seamlessly with your digital defense priorities.

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Billed Monthly, Annual Contract
Month-to-Month, No Contract
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Price

(10 seats minimum purchase)

$ 9
$ 10.80

$ 29*
$ 34.80

$ 39
$ 46.80

$ 99*
$ 118.90
Email Security
Quarantine Notifications
Safe Links
Safe Attachments
High Priority Alerts
Identity Security
High Priority Alerts
Risky Sign-In
Corporate Device Security
Non-Compliant Device
Device Malware
Vulnerability for 3rd Party App
Apple Push Certificate Renewal
Personal Device Security
Cloud App Block Download Alert
Cloud App Block Upload Alert
Cloud App Block Copy/Paste
Document Security
DLP Medium Severity
Compliance Score Change Alert
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Alert at Critical, High, and Medium
Security Operations Center Monitoring

*If you have frontline workers, you may be eligible for licenses at a discounted rate. Please contact sales for more information.

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Non-managed IT customers, please note that the above alerts serve as notifications from our part, requiring your prompt action for comprehensive security.

For BEMO Managed IT Customers, rest easy - our responsibility extends beyond alerts to proactive management.